Wild Waves theme park


Washington’s only Water and Amusement Park



Type:Thrill RideWater Attraction



Thrill Rating:

Minimum Height: At least 48"

Are you ready to feel the rush? Grab a buddy or go solo on this exhilarating water ride – it’s guaranteed fun!

Hold on tight as you push off, plunging down a heart-pumping 40 foot drop! You’ll soon be shooting out into a swirling vortex that will whirl you around and around before you end with a giant splash in the pool below.

How to Get your Tube:

Specialty tubes are provided for Riptide. Pick up your tube at the exit of the attraction. Please note: Rental Tubes are not permitted on this attraction.

User Rating: 3.9 (37 votes)

ADA Guidelines

Mobility Access:

Stairs are located at this ride. Must transfer from wheelchair to ride.  Must step up/down to enter ride.

Standard Wheelchair Entrance:

Enter through standard queue.

Cautions and Special Requirements:

No casts are allowed.  Must have control of upper body.  Impact from both sides and top to bottom. Strong current.

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