Tube Rentals

Tube Rentals



Rent a Tube During your Visit!

Although tubes are available at each tube slide, to skip the line you can visit Tube Rentals in Slide Alley to rent your own personal Tube for the day! Single and Double Tubes are available for rent. Prices vary between Tube sizes. Rent a Single Tube for $5 or a Double Tube for $8. A $3 refundable deposit will also be charged at the time of rental. Upon return and a passed inspection of the Tube, the $3 deposit will be returned to you.

Weight Limits for Tube Rentals: 300 lbs. for single, 400 lbs. combined for double.

Tube Rentals can be used on the following rides only: Konga Slides, Konga Lazy River, and Raging River Ride.

Please note: Rental Tubes cannot be used on Riptide or Zooma Falls.

Featured Items

  • Single Tube ($5*)
  • Double Tube ($8*)

*A $3 refundable deposit will be charged at the time of rental.