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Groups of 12 or More

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park provides a discount for groups of 12 or more when tickets are purchased in advance online, or via order form. Groups 12+ will receive 1 complimentary ticket for every 12 tickets purchased. Group 12+ tickets are only valid on the specified operating day selected by the group purchaser.


2018 Spring Group 12+ Order Form

Spring Group 12+ Tickets are No Longer Available
SPRING Pricing ended June 15
Groups of 12+ will Receive One Complimentary Ticket per 12 tickets ordered.
Must order at least 12 tickets to receive Group Discount.
See 2018 calendar for all operating dates and hours!

2018 Summer Group 12+ Order Forms

Summer Group 12+ Ticket Price: $24.99*
Select any regular park operating day June 16 - September 3!
One Complimentary Ticket per 12 tickets ordered.
Must order at least 12 tickets to receive Group Discount.
See 2018 calendar for all operating dates and hours!

Please print your group tickets online before arriving at the park, or you will incur a $0.25 printing fee (per ticket) at the Will Call window. 


  • Group 12+ Admission tickets include both Wild Waves Theme & Water Park (Water Park closed after September 3rd).
  • Group 12+ Admission tickets are NOT AVAILABLE for purchase at the front gate.
  • Group tickets, if purchased using an order form, must be ordered at least two weeks in advance from the outing date - no exceptions. Complete payment MUST be received along with your order form in order to process the order. Purchase orders are NOT accepted as payment.
  • Group tickets are not available for purchase via our online mobile store if you are at the park, or within park property. We request that mobile devices share their location before purchasing. Please note that if the user opts to not share their location, group tickets will not be available for purchase via the mobile store.
  • Group Tickets, no matter if they are purchased online or by order form, require the group leader to select the date of the outing. Please note that tickets (purchased and complimentary) are only valid on this date.
  • Tickets bought online should be pre-printed and distributed to each person in your party. If tickets are not printed in advance, the Will Call ticket window can assist your group, but a $0.25 per ticket printing fee will be charged and a wait time from 5-15 minutes, depending on the size of the group, should be expected.
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 Non-Catered Tickets (Fun Day)

Select and reserve the operating date of your choice. Wild Waves Theme & Water Park will provide you with admission tickets for your visit date with no upfront purchase (minimum of 50 guests, catering not included). After your event, simply return any unused tickets, and you’ll only pay for the tickets redeemed! Fun Day discounts start at only $11.99 (plus tax) for May 5 - June 15 visit dates and $17.99 (plus tax) for June 16 -September 3 visit dates!



 Consignment Ticket Program

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park will provide you with admission tickets good for any select operating day (season-specific). There are no upfront costs - simply pay for the tickets you use and return the rest! Tickets through our discounted ticket program are issued on a consignment basis: your employees can purchase tickets directly through you at a discount throughout the season.


Gone digital?
Get the best ticket deals without the hassle!  We will create a custom webpage for your employees or group members to access throughout the year. Ask about our online discount ticket program to see if it’s a good fit for your organization!


No deposit. No pre-purchase. No Risk!



Youth Group Tickets

We've got a group outing planned for you full of rides, slides, and FUN! 

Looking for a unique place to host your next Youth Rally? We have the perfect location and many options for you!


Contact or 253-661-8000 for more info.



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Meal Deal Vouchers

Meal Deal Vouchers can be added to any group ticket. Purchase via order form for $11.00 tax included, or at the Front Gate for $12.00 plus tax.


Vouchers can be redeemed for one of the following meals:


Download SUMMER 12+ Order Form


Technical Support

For assistance with an online order please visit our Online Support Page, or call our Technical Support team at (407) 261-4284 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!)

*Plus taxes and fees

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